FlowCode Development

The App For Visual, Logical Software Development

Code is logical connection and transformations of data. Application architecture is based on data flow. We understand logical flows best with visual diagrams.

FlowCode harnesses the power of data-flow diagrams as the basis for logically developing - and intuitively understanding - your application development.

This is not a throw-away diagram: the diagram IS the application.

Choose a language or framework, synchronize with your IDE, and FlowCode will generate your project structure and component code based on your flow diagram.

It's coming. Sign up to join the waitlist for our upcoming beta launch (date TBD).

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest! I'll keep you in the loop with any major developments. This project is currently on the backburner, but when it gets built, it's going to dramatically improve your developer experience.

Imagine - visual reasoning about data flows, state and variables, connected to your actual components in the filesystem. Awesome!

Until then, stay free and strong in mind and body.